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One Playlist to Rule Them All

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Update: as of 7/12, I scrapped this fun project for a project I’m calling Muzak.  It’s basically a way for me to let my friends sample and talk about my musical tastes.  I now keep track of the Lifelist project just my rating my music in iTunes.  I’m looking for a way to port my top rated tracks into web page for as a long-term replacement to the Lifelist project.

So I listen to a lot of music partially because I enjoy music, and the other more annoying reason is because I have a long work commute.  I also listen to a lot of audiobooks, but some afternoons they make me sleepy.

The biggest benefit of listening to lost of music is you come across lots of good stuff, but that becomes a double edged sword because I also end up forgetting about a lot of really good stuff I’ve heard and would like to hear again.

The thought of forgetting good songs I’ve found makes me sad.

The best solution to my problem I could come up with was this: Make a list of great songs (pretty obvious right?). Since my handwriting is horrible, and I’m good at losing/forgetting stuff I need it in a digital format…

Enter great idea:

Make it a web page, so you can add to it from anywhere at any time.
Since the internet is awesome, and I have the internet on my phone, when I hear a really good song I’m going to add it to that page on my website instantly (so there’s no forgetting).
Ta Da!
I hope to keep a pace of a song a day, and once it’s built up to a large enough amount, I’ll probably make it my main iTunes playlist for my iPhone. I love keeping complete albums on my iPhone, but since I’m consequentially always running out of space this might be a good solution for me.
I don’t really expect anyone to see it, but should you find your way here, take a minute to and see if you agree with what I consider to be the best songs to enjoy life to, aka a lifeList.

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