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This is a place where I’m sharing listing music I’m currently enjoying.

Also, since I love talking about music, feel free to throw up feedback and requests for music. Seriously though, it feels like the older I get, the more faintly I can hear what’s going on in the world of music. We can all help each other stay informed, and if you’re reading this, it’s most likely because I care about your opinions. I guess that’s it for now… Please keep in mind that if you like an artist you find here, support them and their endeavors.

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Sharing is Caring – Music I’m Enjoying

Start Date: 7/12/2010

Artist Album Released Added Notes
U.S. Royalty Mirrors 2011 01.27.2011 A buddy named Squeeks turned me onto these guys. Tracks 3,4,5,9,& 10 are my favorites.
Iron & Wine Kiss Each Other Clean 2011 01.25.2011 Iron & Wine is one of the most talented folk artist’s currently breathing, A true lo-fi master. This album is a slight departure from that. I’m liking it though.
David Ramirez American Soil 2009 01.20.2011 David Ramirez is incredibly talented. He’s gonna blow up. Give him a try, and if you like him, make SURE you support him in some way. He’s a real deal starving artist!
Mark Ronson Mix Mix 2007-10 01.13.2011 A chum of mine said he had never heard of Mark. This is what I consider to be his best stuff. Ear Candy at it’s best!
Lower Dens Twin-Hand Movement 2010 01.12.2011 I dig their sound. Mellow & Smooth. Really nice musicianship. 2,3,8,9,10 are my favs.
Sharon Van Etten Epic & Because I Was In Love 2010 & 2009 01.07.2011 Sharon’s style is elegantly simple, while at the same time completely delightful. Her lyrics run deep.
Young Man Boy 2009 01.05.2011 Not super new, but this talented person still has yet to have this album picked up by a label. Tracks 1, 3, 5 & 7 are extra good.
Smith Westerns Dye It Blonde 2011 01.03.2011 sophmore release from Smiths Western. Very talented “kids”
Mechanical Bride One Hundred Flowers 2010 12.19.2010 this album is golden.
Vake Casa Castille 2010 11.18.2010 This is a great disc that spans several genres. Tracks 2,3,5&6 are especially good. 6 is probably my fav.
New Vanguard Blues Will Stratton 2010 11.15.2010 It’s been a while since I’ve updated. Been on a little hiatus. This album is beautiful. Folky Deliciousness
Brothers Black Keys, The 2010 10.07.2010 so I’ve been on a Black Keys binge lately. Fav tracks are: She’s Long Gone, Not The One, Sinister Kid, Everlasting Night, Tighten Up, Howlin For You, & The Only One. I just realized that’s half of the tracks on the disk. Proof it’s good stuff I suppose!
Keep It Hid Dan Auerbach 2009 10.05.2010 Dan is 1/2 of the Black Keys (the best blues band of our time) and Keep It Hid is his solo project.
Record Collection Mark Ronson & The Business International 2010 09.27.2010 I’ve been waiting for this release for so long. It’s everything I’d hoped it’d be! Mark’s albums are so unique. I think all of his albums are good, but he evolves (for the better) with each release.
In The Curve, Single Track Avett Brothers, The 2007 09.26.2010 I went and Saw The Avett Bros, and this was my favorite song they played, I’d never heard it before, and it was tough to find. It was only released as a bonus track for Emotionalism through iTunes purchase. It’s too bad it didn’t make it on the regular release disc.
Cee-Lo Forget You Clean Version 2010 09.24.2010 This song is ridiculously great. I still can’t believe I used to listen to Cee-lo bustin Gangsta Rap flows with Goodie Mob in High school. This is the clean version as requested by someone with sensitive ears :)
Mura Mura Mura Mura EP 2010 09.24.2010 Super excited what this band does in the future! All 4 tracks are spectacular.
The Graduate Only Every Time 2010 08.31.2010 I’m a big fan of this band. They don’t get the respect they deserve. Their sound is richer than chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. They’re like thanksgiving dinner for your ears.
Airbird Part of the Game – Single 2010 08.25.2010 I know nothing about this yet, but it struck me when I heard it. Find out what little you can about them on their myspace
Ra Ra Riot The Orchard 2010 08.17.2010 I’ve been craving this badly, and got an email from Ra Ra Riot that mentioned they leaked their album. It’s pretty great!
Graduate, The Only Every Time – pre-release-single 2010 08.04.2010 I’m a big fan of The Graduate. This was a free single they had on site for their upcoming album. Their music is clean and energized.
Rhymefest Man In The Mirror 2008 08.03.2010 Ryhmefest MJ dedication album. I usually hate skits, but these crack me up. Tracks 5,7,9 &amp:24 are choice.
Avett Brothers, The I & Love & You 2009 08.02.2010 Dustin recommended this. Folky Alt Country Goodness.
Bon Iver Blood Bank & For Emma, Forever Ago 2009, 2007 07.28.2010 Words can’t do justice to these guy’s sound. Simply astounding
All Smiles Oh For The Getting And Not Letting Go 2010 07.27.2010 I got this for free from the band’s site. Jim Fairchild’s (of Modest Mouse) side project. Mellow and quiet.
Mark Ronson Version 2007 07.26.2010 I <3 big band, & the arrangements of covers really give a different perspective of the songs.
Death Cab For Cutie The Open Door [EP] 2009 07.23.2010 This not so popular EP holds my favorite Death Cab songs
Daniel Merriweather Love & War 2009 07.22.2010 Aussie Whiteboy’s got soul. Track 2 is nice
Girls Album 2010 07.20.2010 Tracks 1,2,6 & 11 are my favs.
Arcade Fire,The Suburbs(pre-release) 2010 07.19.2010 4 tracks from the upcoming album
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Nothing But The Water 2005 07.18.2010 Nothing but the water II is amazing. See Live Performance
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals This is Somewhere 2007 07.18.2010  
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Grace Potter & The Nocturnals 2010 07.18.2010 I love this woman on all levels
LCD Soundsystem This is Happening 2010 07.17.2010 Track 1 is nice.
Ratatat Ratatat & Classics 2004, 2006 07.16.2010 2 albums – great guitar licks
Paper Route Absence 2010 07.15.2010 nice mellow style
Broken Bells Broken Bells 2010 07.14.2010 DJ Dangermouse is the shizziest producer
Temper Trap Conditions 2009 07.13.2010 almost every track is great!
Local Natives, The Gorilla Manor 2010 07.12.2010 My favorite band of 2010

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